According to Thomas Armstrong,
there are twelve stages of life.
Each stage has its own unique “gift”
to contribute to the world.  
We need to value each one of these gifts
if we are to truly support the deepest needs of human life.
Life is fluid.
Life is based on change.
On many stages, rapidly taking over each other.
On creation and destruction.
On growth and decadent.
On love on hate.
On dynamic and stagnation.
Life is a fluid change.

1. Potential


We've all gone through changes in our lives, both good and bad, expected and unexpected.

2. Birth


Our appearance changes, our values change, our opinions, interests,relationships, circumstances change.

3. Infancy


People we love, leave and sometimes we leave the people we love. People we thought we can’t live without turn into strangers.

4. Early Childhood


And the stranger we met on the sidewalk might turn into our best friend.

5. Middle Childhood


Sometimes things don’t end up the way we wanted them to.

6. Late Childhood


We get rejected and hurt until we realise that rejection is justredirection.Fact is, that we are changing.

7. Adolescence


A lot of people fear change because they are afraid of not-knowing what is yet to come.

8. Early Adulthood


Not knowing how things will end can be exciting – and scary as hell atthe same time.

9. Midlife


We like to stay in our comfort zone because we feel safe there.
But change is inevitable. This fact is something out of our control.

10. Mature Adulthood


Change doesn’t wait for us - it happens whether we’re ready for it or not.

11. Late Adulthood


Expect that things won’t stay the way they are for ever. Experience change fully, give it all your attention, don’t try to ignore it.

12. Death & Dying


And finally:
Embrace change. Live it

It is in changing that we find purpose.
Change alone is unchanging.
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