The sound
of the sea


The sound of the sea

Nowadays we are constantly surrounded with sensory stimuli, whether from our devices or hectic city streets.

But sometimes our brains need a little downtime.
Being around that fluid substance, water and listen to the sound of the sea gives our brains a break from overstimulation.


Blue Mind Theory

Wallace J. Nicholas

Why are we drawn to the ocean? Nicholas believes that everyone has a special connection to the color blue. Blue symbolizes the source of water and represents the soothing effect of nature on the human mind.

„We have a blue mind”

-Wallace J. Nicholas

That’s why being near, in, on or under water can make us happy and more connected.
Our brains don’t shut down, they keep working but in a different way.


The calming effect of water

This fluid substance can evoke a meditative state.

Sitting near the ocean or a river and gazing out at the water puts us in a mindful state. Our brain is relaxed but focused.


Blue Mind creativiy

If you ever can’t find the solution for a problem and your brain is in a creative rut, just take a shower.

Surrounded by water, gives us the chance to rest and let our thoughts wander freely.

Our mind switches into the default mode network (brain network associated with daydreaming, imagination, memories,…)
which is extremely important for creativity.

Connect with your Blue Mind

The good news, we can access our blue mind anywhere we want. We don't have to be near the ocean.

Of course it might be easier at the beach to lower your blood lactate but there are plenty of other ways to get more water into your life.

Download your own little ocean...

get connected with your Blue Mind