a concept of fluid

Sebastian Hager



A comparison between
society and the concept of

Is fluid "fluid" enough? What could be improved, where do we find difficulties?

What is a fluid?

Fluid can be a thing or a conzept. Various of those conzepts can be found in other peer projects. Don't miss out on them! In terms of science, let´s give some examples: Air is a fluid. Water is a fluid. But Air is not a liquid like water. There is a very important distiction. Fluid describes particles, that flow whereas liquid would be just a state. Hence gases are fluid.

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How does it work?

Molecules in fluids are always moving. In gases they are further away from each other, whereas in liquids they are quite close and bump into each other more often. The reaction can be seen in the simulation. The bump creates friction. The difference in friction does say a lot about how the fluid will react to obstacles. It could be like water but also like honey.


If you look at todays society, it is not that easy to state, that it works in a specific way and everywhere the same. You could say, that the state is fluid, Always changing and reactive to the surrounding. If there is a hindrance, fluids will work around it and create new shapes and ways.


Due to it's ability to change shape, it not only is very versatile in terms of overal shape, but can avoid obstacles and depending on the viscosity (friction of fluid) it can easliy pass and form around it.


Depending on the friction within the fluid or towards other molecules, it is not possible to overcome every obstacle in the way. Take honey for example - in a spoon, it is sometimes very hard to get it off again. This can also be seen in society. When the friction is too high, and too many people bump into each other thus get stuck, the liquid gets very slow and inversatile.

How can it be improved?

What is a superfluid?

What if there would be a "super" to the fluid. In science a superfluid is a state of a fluid, found when cooling down Helium-4 to almost 0 Kelvin. That means that the molecules are barely moving and in contrary to ordinary fluids, Helium-4 does not get solid. When it comes to that state, it becomes magical. It can even pass glass.

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Endless Energy

Seemingly there is nothing that can stop that fluid now, because due to a new way of communication between the molecules, everything looks like, it is controlled by one single brain. If something is interfering, be it as small as a molecule, the whole fluid is starting to change. This leads to no viscosity. It almost looks like it just goes through everything.

When frozen to almost 0 Kelvin, it stays fluid. So when the perfectly still molecules get pushed ever so slightly, the whole fluid creates these tornado-like vortecies. For this, not a single molecule bumps into each other. This means no friction thus nothing that can stop it anymore. This phenomenon is also part of the research about the universe. So the super to fluid but also the super in the universe!

Insted of molecules to push each other like in normal fluids, a society would advance if the people were able to work as a team. It would require predictive and proactive thinking and looking at others. Because when everyone moves as a Team, no one bumps into another, vortecies can be created thus nothing would be in the way.

So how can our Society be super?